Collier Language & Literacy Therapy specializes in the communication and educational needs of children with language-based learning differences including dyslexia, specific learning disabilities, reading comprehension deficits, and other reading and learning differences. 

Structured Literacy/Reading Therapy

Building on each child's individual strengths, structured literacy (Orton-Gillingham and/or LiPS) follows a systematic, multisensory, and diagnostic-prescriptive approach that targets the language skills required for reading and writing.


  • phonemic awareness

  • decoding

  • spelling

  • reading fluency

  • morphology

  • vocabulary

  • comprehension

Speech & Language Therapy

Based on individual needs, speech and language therapy can target the underlying skills to reading, writing, speaking, and listening.


  • listening comprehension

  • grammar

  • word finding

  • memory

  • vocabulary

  • narrative skills

  • auditory language processing

  • articulation

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